• CRM for Syspro

Harnessing the power of SYSPRO with Dynamics 365 for CRM

Bringing customers closer

As one of the largest SYSPRO resellers in the world, and one of the leading Dynamics 365 partners, K3 has developed a scaleable and functional integration between Dynamics 365 for CRM and SYSPRO ERP, harnessing the power of both systems.

The integration provides an out of the box integrated solution for both SME and enterprise businesses.

Kevin Barker, Business Analyst, Dudson

“ Originally we only integrated SYSPRO and CRM for our UK offices. The rest of our networks are not quite as advanced as our UK base but now that we have found the right solution to be successful, the pressure is on for our other sites across the globe to integrate SYSPRO and Dynamics 365 for CRM.“

Enhance your sales teams performance by providing them with the information they need, when they need it

Your sales team can see details of their customers’ SYSPRO quotes, orders, invoices, support issues and returns before they visit. They can look at stock levels, promise delivery dates and create quotes based on accurate pricing.

Demonstrate your commitment to the highest levels of customer service

The Integrator enables you to manage service calls in an efficient and professional way. Service engineers can log support calls and link these through to  MA’s in SYSPRO, to provide accurate tracking of issues, and clear visibility of each issue’s status and owner.

Be a modern, mobile, agile business

Wherever your team works, in the office, on the road, in front of the customer, they have customer information at their fingertips. SYSPRO data is available via CRM in Outlook and on mobile devices, both on and offline.

Make your marketing excel

Run campaigns that tailor your messages to your audiences based upon customers’ previous purchases, or exclude those to whom you are currently selling.

Paul Smith, IT Manager, Innovative Technology

“K3 worked with us really well to ensure a quick and successful implementation of SYSPRO and integration with CRM and QlikView. We wanted the entire system up and running in the space of just four months, which was always an ambitious target.

We are delighted the project was delivered on time and on the day of go live, just one person from K3 was needed on site to assist our IT team who were able to manage much of the process.”

  • ONE

    See the complete customer picture, using Dynamics 365 for CRM’s powerful analysis tools, including dashboards that can compare opportunities and orders against targets.

  • TWO

    Drill-through to SYSPRO. Enquiry or maintenance screens can be launched directly from CRM when you have a local SYSPRO client.


    See SYSPRO stock codes, with real-time stock availability, quotes, orders, invoices and RMA’s related to each customer, available over the web from anywhere.

  • FOUR

    Choose from two quotation methods. SYSPRO quotes for complex pricing and product configuration, or CRM quotes when quotations are created away from the office. When the quote is won, convert to a SYSPRO order with the press of a button.

  • FIVE

    Improve your service levels with the customer help, service and support desk functions. On-line management of customer returns via CRM service cases streamlines the support desk operation.

  • SIX

    Create SYSPRO RMAs directly from CRM and analyse returns in CRM to the level of individual products returned, and analyse customer returns history.


    Track serialised product sales against customers for integrated quality control and warranty management.