Luxury Retailer Cuts Cost and Boost Sales with Business Software

Established more than 240 years ago in 1771, esteemed Savile Row tailor Gieves & Hawkes currently holds three royal warrants. It understands the importance of customer service and customer loyalty. Today, Gieves & Hawkes has 120 outlets in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, and over 100 more worldwide

Business needs

The company’s existing system – consisting of a range of software that had been accumulated over time – was expensive to maintain, and difficult to update and integrate. When staff eventually got the information they were looking for, they couldn’t be certain that it was up-to-date or correct. The system was holding Gieves & Hawkes back.

Sam Thompson, IT Manager, Gieves & Hawkes, says: ”Trying to get new functionality to work with our existing system was a frustrating, expensive experience. We needed fast, accurate information throughout the business, and we needed more control – from the shop floor to the warehouse – to help us save money and improve our customer service.”

Sam Thompson, IT Manager, Gieves & Hawkes

”Trying to get new functionality to work with our existing system was a frustrating, expensive experience. We needed fast, accurate information throughout the business.”


Microsoft Partner K3 was chosen for its proven expertise in the retail industry – it helped Gieves & Hawkes identify what was needed.

The solution was a Microsoft Dynamics solution for the UK business, enhanced by several retail-specific add-ons. These add-ons included the K3 LS Retail module, plus Lanham modules for warehousing and logistics.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM was added to store all customer data, and a SQL-based business intelligence cube was provided by K3.


With Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft CRM, Gieves & Hawkes has better, faster access to information across the business information that’s helping the company control pricing, promotions, and stock.

”It’s great. Rich data is now available to store staff at the point of sale, giving them the tools to provide better customer service”, says Thompson.

Easily accessible live information

Gieves & Hawkes can see what is selling where and can make decisions in real time. Sales staff gain a lot of control. This makes them proactive and gives them a lot more confidence with customers, which in turn improves the customer experience, says Thompson.

Powerful, focused reporting

Staff can see any facet of the business as required for their roles, and make decisions accordingly. For example, they can find out in a couple of clicks which colour or size of an item is popular, and then order more. We can see how a store or sales team is doing, and help them if needed. We can be so much more proactive, says Thompson.

Centralised price and promotion control

All prices are held in the new system and can be controlled by head office. It’s easy to change prices centrally and even plan ahead. Staff are notified in advance, so everyone knows what’s going on.

Better stock visibility

Customers are more likely to buy something that isn’t in the store if they know exactly when Gieves & Hawkes can get it for them, or if it is available in another store. The company can now set automatic stock ordering when specific items need to be re-stocked.

Improved marketing focus

Microsoft CRM makes it easy to filter records by transaction history and send only marketing that interests the customer. This means Gieves & Hawkes is getting to know its customers better, and it reduces the number of customers who opt out of receiving marketing communications.

Better service at point of sale

All Gieves & Hawkes customers now enjoy an improved experience. The better customer experience really comes into its own with our VIP customers. We can check account activity and give them a knowledgeable, friendly, first-class service, says Thompson.

Single source of information

Because the new solution is integrated, there’s only one version of the truth. Making decisions about sales, marketing, and stock is now easier and almost instant.

Simple foreign exchange

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV and its ability to handle multiple currencies, it’s easy to trade across different countries. We’re better placed now to serve whoever walks into one of our stores, says Thompson.

Easy to use

Across the retail industry, staff turnover is relatively high, so in getting new staff up to speed, the fact that the system is simple to use means both time and money are saved. This amounts to a significant saving when multiplied by every new employee over the course of a year. ”The system is easy for new managers to pick up and start using- this is important, because if they don’t use it they can’t get the benefit, says Thompson.