CRM makes a mark on improving data and visibility and efficiency for Pryor Marking

Pryor Marking Technology designs and manufactures the widest range of permanent marking systems in the world. It provides identification and traceability for manufacturing industries from aerospace to automotive supplying premium marking for products using a wide range of options. These include everything from hand tools and power tools for serial numbers, dates and company logos through to turnkey production line systems and traceability software.

Pryor Marking Technology offers a wide range of traditional and innovate marking and traceability solutions including manual punches, handstamps, engraved dies, dot peen marking machines, scribe machines, laser marking and chemical etching.

The company also produces vision systems which involve the use of automated cameras which can read, place and identify a product. Optical Character Verification, Robotic Transmission Marking and Laser VIN Marking are part of its offering along with CCTV recording of production processes.

The company was first established in 1849 and now has 95 employees.

The challenge

The business already had a CRM system in place, but felt it wasn’t doing what was necessary in today’s world of Industry 4.0. The system was difficult to use and fairly old-fashioned. When new sales director Alastair Morris took over the team he wanted to introduce something new for the sales team to use.

The business already had SYSPRO ERP installed from K3 Syspro, and wanted a CRM which would fit in easily while also introducing the latest software advantages both from a technology point of view and ease of use.

The challenge was firstly to find a system which provided for better pro-active sales by managing leads more effectively and providing better and improved data. Secondly, it had to have an enhanced reporting system which would allow an overview of the activity of the sales team and drive sales forward. Thirdly, it needed to offer accessibility through mobile devices such tablets and mobile phones to provide access to data for staff when working away from the office.

Alistair Morris, Sales Director, Pryor Marking Technology

”The new system needed to integrate with our current SYSPRO ERP system which we have had for a number of years (since 2005). We had to make whatever CRM system we chose fit in with this, especially as we run all of our manufacturing through it, and it is an important part of the business structure. We needed to be able to link into it, and the solution offered by K3 CRM was ideal.”

The solution

They chose K3 CRM and its Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution which could be easily integrated with SYSPRO ERP. This involved the introduction of Microsoft SharePoint the browser-based collaboration and document management platform. This allows for groups to set up a centralised password protected space for document sharing.

Pryor Marking Technology had previously migrated to Office 365 so the introduction of SharePoint made sense as it works through the same system. The cloud based solution for staff logging in online was one of the requirements of the business together with the accessibility to all the data by staff whether they were in the office or using mobile devices.

The ability to integrate the new CRM into the company’s current SYSPRO ERP system played an important part in the decision-making process when choosing a new provider.

The benefits

The thinking behind the introduction of any new system was to drive sales and ensure reporting from the data provided better information for both customers and staff, avoided duplication and provided for a more efficient and streamlined service all round.

The benefits are already being felt in a number of ways. The system allowed for the migration from the old data to be filtered to ensure only what was useful now was included, rather than a wholesale move with outdated information.

For the sales team this meant clearer visibility. It provided the opportunity to integrate the database which was previously only being used to access information, to one which has a reporting system and can give out as well as take in data.

Staff are now able to log onto a system which has all the information on the same platform, integrated by K3 CRM to provide universal visibility. No longer do staff have to deal with different systems, three different passwords and jump through hoops to get the intelligence they need to do their job. They can access on mobile devices and if necessary get all the key information on their mobile phones.

In the past, the CRM database wasn’t connected to the rest of the system so the sales team and engineering teams were looking at different information. Now a customer simply has to give a name or serial number and staff can find the relevant data immediately. It means the teams can talk to each other thereby avoiding duplication. The company has 12,000 records of machines so this was important. The new system can see the whole picture and not just one part of the jigsaw.

The link between the sales and service department has been a definite benefit. As well as the new system avoiding duplication, each team has complete visibility on what the other team has done and is able to trace the customer journey.

This total visibility means that wherever the customer is on their journey with Pryor Marking Technology, they can enjoy a quick response from whichever team they are dealing with at the time and be confident that they will have accurate and up to date information.

In terms of the return on investment, the increased efficiencies will lead to cost savings in staff time and effort, but more importantly it means the teams have all the data and information they need to keep customers happy and go that extra mile.

With data being more readily accessible and the information more meaningful, it enables the company to carry out better planning and forecasting, which will also have an impact on cost savings for the business.

Difference it has made to the business.

  • Improved business intelligence – being able to view the information and understand how it is being used.
  • Being able to tailor services to the customer much better than in the past.
  • Staff access to the whole picture means responding faster to customer questions and sales.
  • More time for sales intelligence for the sales team i.e. better leads.
  • Avoiding duplication of information across teams.
  • More joined up approach between sales and service departments.

Employees are able to access the relevant data whether they are in or out of the office.

Alistair Morris, Sales Director, Pryor Marking Technology

You can see business trends, what orders are going to come in and what customers are asking for. We can forecast and we know what is coming down the pipeline.”